Bee Products Chamber, CFNA

The Bee Products Chamber of CFNA was established in 1989 as an industry organization affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce and has won full support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Bureau of Import and Export Food Safety of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, State Food and Drugs Administration, General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Finance and General Taxation Administration.

It was entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation to be in charge of the bidding of honey export quota, paid-usage of honey export quota, pre-verification of honey export, etc. It organized the Chinese exporting enterprises in the defense against cases initiated by the U.S. on anti market interruption and anti-dumping. It also successfully led the efforts by the Chinese industry in the case of Positive List in Japan and against EU’s ban on import of honey from China. As an outstanding industry organization, the Bee Product Chamber of CFNA won recognition by the former Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.

Leveraging its friendly cooperative relations with industry organizations of foreign countries, the Bee Product Chamber of CFNA has successfully held 24 China-Japan Bee Products Conferences, 9 China-Japan Honey Technical Exchanges and 7 China Bee Product Industry Conferences.