Speech of Congratulations

Mr. Pang Guofang, Academician, China Academy of Engineering, Chief Scientist, China Institute of Inspection and Quarantine Sciences

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Xi'an is one of the four ancient capital cities in China,an important cradle of the Chinese civilization and nationality and the starting point in the east of the ancient Silk Road. It is also named by the UNESCO as World Heritage Site and one of the World's Ten Ancient Capital Cities by US media. For almost all Chinese, there is a "Chang'an Complex" in their hearts.

The northeastern region of China covers the provinces of Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and western part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region with a total territory of over 3 million square kilometers. This area is abundant in floral resources thanks to its vast territory and is China’s potential honey producing base yet to be developed.

Leveraging the China Bee Products Industry Conference,since the establishment of the China-EU Bee Products Testing Technology Exchange Platform in Guangzhou, China in 2015, globally, efforts have been focused on technical exchanges on honey authentication testing technologies and methods as well as on technological development, innovation and upgrade. What is worth emphasizing is that the theme of this year’s annual conference is Innovate for Common Win. Innovation is the driving force and common win is the goal. Using technology to support fair trade is the ultimate goal of testing technology

A year ago, I announced in Guilin that led by the Bee Products Chamber, CFNA, the China Honey Standard Samples Database Construction Project was activated to ensure food safety in bee products and support the strong and healthy growth of Chinese bee industry. Over the past year the database construction development has drawn much attention from the industry and I shall share the latest development in the Parallel Session on Testing.

The new honey producing season for 2018 has begun. I wish to call upon all my peers in this industry both home and abroad to always be grateful to bees and the gift of great nature, to work hard to bring the roll of the Conference as a platform into full play, to win recognition and respect from consumers around the world with our sincerely and craftsmanship as well as to compose a new chapter for the healthy and sustainable development of global bee products production and trade.

Wish the conference a complete success!