Mr. Rong Weidong, Vice President of China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products, Chairman of CBPIC2019

Distinguished guests, colleagues and friends from the bee products industry,

With the strong support from the sponsoring enterprises including Journal of Bee, Willing, Chincell-Town, Healthwill, Tianbao, Breath, Fuming, Xiang Zhong and FLORAMO, the China Bee Products Industry Conference, 2019, organized by Bee Products Chamber, CFNA, will be convened in Kunming. I, as the Chairman of the Conference and on behalf of our Chamber, would like to avail myself of this opportunity, to express our sincere thanks to the sponsoring enterprises, and  our warm welcome to friends from around the world.

This Conference has received the attention from the International Honey Commission, the APIMONDIA Scientific Commission "Beekeeping Technology and Quality", European Professional Beekeepers Association, All Nippon Honey Cooperatives, Japan Honey Importers Cooperative, UMF Honey Association, etc. and is privileged to have the presence of their chairmen and important figures.

The CBPIC2019 themed “Purification, Reformation” will present you nine interesting parallel sessions including the 4th Bee Products Purchasing Managers Conference, consumer educations and so on. Bee industry peers and experts from all over the world will get together to explore the leading products, services and solutions, focus on the hot topics of the industry and tap the potential of the new frontier of consumption.

March 5-6, for a common goal and for our persistence for the “Dynamic & Sweet Cause”, we are looking forward.

Meanwhile, I wish you health and happiness during your stay in Kunming, and I wish this Conference a complete success. Thank you!